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A few words about us!

Our Mission:
Unlike other ticket websites, it's not just about the sale. We want to help you to have the most wonderful Broadway experience possible. That's why we've put our telephone numbers on every page and our photos. We want you to know that you're dealing with real people who live and work right here in New York City. We really do know our stuff and want to help you to not only get Broadway and other event tickets, but everything else you're looking for in your trip to New York or wherever your final destination may be. Whether it is hotel reservations, restaurant suggestions, transportation, we can help you.

Pick-up the phone and call us at 212-307-7050 or 1-800-451-9930. We promise you will NOT receive an automated phone system but you'll speak to a real ticket expert. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Our Technology :
Applause "raises the curtain" on providing the best Broadway, London and Nationwide event ticket buying experience on the web including REAL TIME TICKET SALES AND EXACT SEAT LOCATIONS!

REAL TIME TICKET SALES AND EXACT SEAT LOCATIONS offer the convenience of discovering your seat locations prior to placing your order. Per ticket ordering fees are included on all listed prices.

Our Position:
With decades of experience being in the ticket industry APPLAUSE THEATRE AND ENTERTAINMENT SERVICE, INC. has been a leading supplier of theatre and event tickets to the theatre going community. Providing tickets for New York Hotel Concierge desks, Fortune 500 Companies, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies throughout the world, as well as the General Public has earned us an excellent reputation for our SERVICE as well as our KNOWLEDGE, making us a respected industry leader in the theatre and entertainment business.

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